Registration forms

To understand which form to choose for your booking you need to consider who is going to participate in climbing activity and what is this person competency level.

There are 3 options:

1. Junior (of age of 7 and 17)

2. Novice adult

3. Competent adult climber

Registration options explained

Fill-in the correct form

Children/Youths (under 18)

1. All children and youths must be registered by their parent or legal guardian

2. Children and youths can be supervised either by qualified instructor or a competent adult climber who already completed COMPETENCY TEST with us.

Adults (18+)

1. Fill-in Novice registration form if you have not completed COMPETENCY TEST or if you are booking private tuition, supervised climbing, social club, taster session or course for beginners

2. Fill-in Competent climber form only if you have successfully passed COMPETENCY TEST.You will be able to:

1.Pay daily entry fee and climb unsupervised.

2. Supervise up to two novices (either children or adults) but can not climb at the same time. To do the test please contact our team.

Compentent Climber Form

Will be available for you after completing the Competency Test. If you feel you are ready to climb unsupervised, speak to Climbing Club Kuluar staff member upon arrival.