Climbing Club Kuluar provides indoor climbing courses for adults and children as an independent course provider. It is fully insured for personal liability and has valid first aid certificate as well as MTA national qualifications suitable to provide an independent rock climbing courses and indoor climbing courses in European Union.

By participating in Kuluar courses you agree with BMC Participation Statement you can find in Kuluar registration form.

Climbing Club KULUAR Terms & Conditions



a) To book your indoor climbing course you have to register for the course. Registration form is available online NO BOOKING IS VALID without submitted registration form.

b) To book your course you have to pay the course fee according to the price list on Kuluar website by bank transfer to

Climbing Club KULUAR

sort code 11-07-81
account nuber 01024452

In cash, cheque, credit or debit card or online payment PayPal, Square

c) Kuluar provides all essential equipment and instructor with suitable national qualification in rock climbing

d) Kuluar DOES NOT pay entry fee (unless stated clearly in the course description 'Entry fee included') and you are responsible for entry fee and any extra equipment you wish to hire from the indoor centre.

e) Kuluar takes professional responsibility for the course members within the area of the climbing venue where the course is provided, within the scope of the course and during its time. After the course you must leave the Climbing Centre with no delay.

f) Kuluar provides courses independently and does not represent the climbing venue the course is provided in.

g) Course participants will be fully introduced and informed about the centre rules, health& safety and the risk involved in the activity.

h) Non adherence to this rules and instructions provided by the Climbing Centre or Kuluar Instructor leads to excluding the participant from the course with no refund. Excluded person MUST immediately leave the Climbing Centre. You can appeal in writing to Kuluar Climbing Club if disagree with the Instructor's decision within 7 days from the date of the course.


a) You can cancel your indoor climbing course with full refund 72 hours before the course commence.

b) Kuluar offers no refund if you cancel your course later, but will offer another course date for the same price or inform about different offer that the previous  payment will be included.


a) Kuluar Climbing Club offers pre-paid courses with discounted prices.

b) You can buy up to 10 lesson units (1 hour, 1,5 hour 2 hours) in advance and used them within 90 days starting from the first lesson. If you could not use them within this time, it can be credited to your next pre-paid course. Kuluar does not offer refund for pre-paid courses.



a) To book your rock climbing course you MUST register for it (note that it is separate registration from indoor climbing courses)

b) Kuluar is not tour provider and therefore takes no responsibility for the travel, accommodation or any aspects of the outdoor activity but for providing instruction for rock climbing within the scope of the course only related to rock climbing and within the qualifications of the instructors.

c) Kuluar provides rock climbing course members with information about equipment, health& safety, hazards, environment and specific rules within the area of the course as well as local specification and good practice.

d) Every activity outside the instructors qualifications scope and agreed with the member can be taken only on their own risk.

e) You must pay booking fee which is included in the full price of the course by bank transfer to:

Climbing Club KULUAR

sort code 11-07-81
account nuber 01024452

f) Kuluar will provide suggestion about travel and accommodation including all shared cost. If you have chosen this option you must pay the shared costs to provided bank account or directly to travel or accommodation provider. If you choose to use your own transport and accommodation Kuluar takes no responsibility for the cost you pay.

g) You must take responsibility for your own insurance and travel documents. Kuluar is fully insured for personal liability within EU and within the scope of the course provided. 


a) you can cancel you  rock climbing course with full refund up to 60 days before the course commence.

b) Kuluar offers no refund for the course cancellation later.

c) Kuluar can cancel rock climbing course in state of necessity offering full refund for course price. Kuluar does not refund any other costs paid for travel and accommodation booking.


a) By participating in Kuluar rock climbing course you agree to take responsibility for your actions as you might be supervised remotely. All instructions will be provided and explained as well as the risk and hazard involved.

b) Non adherence to the rules and instructions provided by Kuluar Instructor leads to exclude participant from the course with no refund offered. Participant must leave the immediate area of the rock climbing course on own cost. You can appeal in writing if you disagree with Instructors decision of exclusion within 7 days from official end of the course date.


a) Kuluar provides equipment for the course based on kit list required and participant needs, which will be agreed individually.

b) Kuluar takes responsibility for the equipment provided

c) Kuluar takes no responsibility for the permanent climbing equipment installed by others.

d) Kuluar encourage participants to take their own equipment to the course, but takes no responsibility for any damage caused to it during the course. Kuluar Instructor will visually inspect the provided equipment and advice the participant to use it on their own risk.