If you are not sure what service is best for you

Please consider taking a short survey that will help us to understand your needs better or read the description below.


  • Supervised climber

    Novice and beginners climbers can not use the wall unsupervised. Here are some options for you:

    1. Weekend climbing for adults and youths 14+- come and try indoor climbing. You don't need any previous experience. This session is perfect for complete novice. Try it and find out if rock climbing is for you. It is 1 hour session. The cost is £17.00 p/p . It is a joined session with maximum group size 6

    2. Social club for adults- is a great way to get involved in rock climbing. Regardless if you are complete beginners or advanced pro, social club purpose remains the same - to meet other climbers, find climbing partners and learn from experienced coach. This session duration is 2 hours. The casual entry fee is £15.00 p/p

    3. Private Tuition- 1 hour session with qualified and experienced instructor. This session is dedicated to individuals and group to improve their climbing skills, learn particular techniques or work with dedicated coach working on personal training programme.

  • Unsupervised climber


  • Children under age of 7

    We do not offer any supervised climbing activities for children under age of 7.


    Studies show that rock climbing may benefit children general development.

    We understand it is our responsibility to make sure the service we provide is appropriate to the age and abilities of all our Clients. Therefore we made the decision to allow bookings for children age 7+. This is based on years of experience and observations. It is our recommendation, not a strict rule however. Some children mental and physical development allow them to understand the risk involved in this activity, follow instructions and enjoy rock climbing at much younger age than 7.

    The decision belongs to you. Ask yourself a few questions before you decide for your child to participate in climbing activity:

    1. Have my child climbed before?

    If yes, was that enjoyable experience ?

    2. Is my child mental and physical development, mobility range, ability to understand the risk involved in the activity well enough to allow sending to 22 feet above the ground?

    3. Am I ready to accept the failure of not being able to cope with the difficulties and stressful environment of climbing wall by my child? Will climbing benefit my child in any way now, or maybe, it's good idea to wait some time?

    The final decision will be made by the qualified instructor, coach or member of our staff. You have to be ready to accept it.

  • 7-13 year old
  • Youths 14+ years old
  • Unsupervised
  • School groups