• Supervised climber

    Novice and beginners climbers can not use the wall unsupervised. Here are options for you:

    1. Taster session for adults- come and try indoor climbing. You don't need any previous experience. This session is perfect for complete novice. Try it and find out if rock climbing is for you. It is 1 hour session. The cost is £17.00 p/p

    2. Private lesson- It can be really anything you need, starting with private taster session, to a complex training programme. It is 1 hour session. The prices starts at £20 for an individual lesson and extra £6.00 for every additional person you wish to invite to your lesson.

    3. Social club for adults- An excellent opportunity for all level climbers, from complete beginners to advanced, social club purpose is to meet others, find climbing partners and learn from experienced coach. This session duration is 2 hours. The casual entry fee is £15.00 p/p

    4. Course for beginners- you can start with a dedicated course for beginners. It is a structured, standardised, 4 hour course during which an experienced instructor will deliver everything you need to learn basic climbing skills. The cost is £70.00 p/p

  • Unsupervised climber


  • Children under age of 7

    Unfortunately at the moment, we do not offer any regular clubs for children under age of 7. Please contact us, we may be able to offer you a private lesson instead.

  • 7-12 year old
  • Youths 13+ years old
  • Unsupervised