Kids' Club Assessment

1. This is a joined session available for children age 7 to 12 years old.

2. No previous climbing experience is essential, but certain skill level and attitude will be considered in the result of this assessment. In particular:

- natural body balance,

- movement fluency,

- engagement and enthusiasm

- discipline and ability to follow instructions.

3. Successful candidates will be invited to join the regular groups and informed about the programme details.

4. Unsuccessful candidates will be advise to what to be improved in the future and additional private lessons can be offer to meet the minimum criteria for joining the Kids' Climbing Academy course.

5. The price for the assessment is £10.

6. Session duration is 1 hour.

7. There can be only one child booked in single booking. If you wish to book more than one child, you will have to repeat the booking process again. The maximum number in the assessment group is 6 children

8. All essential equipment is included.

9. Every child has to be registered by the parent or legal guardian. The registration form is available online

Please note! Your booking is not valid without submitting registration form(s)