Private lesson for children

1. Lesson can be booked for one child or a group of up to six children.

MINIMUM AGE is 7 years old

2. Booking person must be an adult (18+) but will not participate in the lesson. If you wish to participate in the lesson with your child(ren) you must book Private lesson for adults instead.

3. Every participant must be REGISTERED by the parent or legal guardian)

Please note! Your booking is not valid without submitting registration form(s)

4. Lesson duration is 1 hour

5. All essential equipment is included


Studies show rock climbing does improve school grades.


Grades boosted by school climbing walls

Posted by Peter Burnside on 16/06/2016
Learning the ropes at the climbing wall. Photo: Shutterstock / Aleksei Potov

Having a climbing wall in a school not only boosts children's climbing grade, there are amazing benefits to health, academic performance, and social skills as well. But not only that, it opens the door to an array of career pathways.

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