Kuluar climbing for children


1. KULUAR KIDS CLUB (we provide regular weekend climbing lessons in Guildford and Chessington for the youngest climbers, age 6-12) FROM £20 p/h


Saturdays Chessington Rocks Climbing Youth Squad
  Climbing Club Kuluar kids club
Chessington Rocks Climbing Youth Squad
Thursdays Chessington Rocks Climbing Youth Squad


2. NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) available in Chessington Rocks Community Collage. We are pleased to announced Chessington Rocks Climbing Wall has been approved as NICAS Awarding Centre

3. Chessington Rocks Youth Squad (the most advance coaching programme for children age 5-11). Every Monday 18:00-21:00 and Thursday 18:00-21:00

4. Schools, scouts and youth organisation (Click  HERE for more details)

5. Birthday parties for the youngest. Click HERE for more details

6. Outdoor Introduction to Rock Climbing for the youths and children


Studies show rock climbing does improve school grades.


Grades boosted by school climbing walls

Posted by Peter Burnside on 16/06/2016
Learning the ropes at the climbing wall. Photo: Shutterstock / Aleksei Potov

Having a climbing wall in a school not only boosts children's climbing grade, there are amazing benefits to health, academic performance, and social skills as well. But not only that, it opens the door to an array of career pathways.

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Apply today for an assessment and FREE taster session. No commitment involve until you make sure your child would like it. We are professional and experienced instructors you can trust! Ask our long term customers and children who dedicate they training to compete in BMC Youth Series under our coaching.